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In the newsroom, we use our “rundown” to determine where stories fall in the show. Essentially, its a list comprising a messy batch of content: political strifes, consumer cautionary-tales, gut-wrenching heartache and even some warm-fuzzy feelings. When I first began my career I wondered, how do all these fit together? However, with time, I have learned for a newscast to work there must be a dash of each in the recipe in order to produce reality.

I too am eclectic like a rundown. This goes beyond being the girl who grew up clam digging in the tide flats of the Northwest, who now finds herself in a career amongst the cornfields of land-locked Iowa. My job as a TV anchor and general assignment reporter enables me to explore and flex new muscles each day.

I love stories and I've made a life out of them. I hope here, you can get lost in a few of them alongside me.