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Crazy for Capitol Hill

Rainbow sidewalks, consignment cravings and a healthy dose of crazy.


Bistro-style seating greets you on the sidewalk. It looks adorable, but step inside Oddfellows - things get even better!

Weathered brick, well-loved woods seem good company for the faded American flag hanging on the wall. This favorite brunch spot of mine feels trendy but not pretentious. With a wait-staff as eclectic as the pastry case, whoever you are - you're welcome.

Brunch is bumping, but I think my favorite items on the menu are the sandwiches (I am not a sandwich person either). Any time someone goes to Seattle, I send them here! If you're in a hurry and want coffee, stop by the "Little Oddfellows" in the back of the Elliot Bay Book Company next door.

Zorro Vintage

I may forever regret not buying that coat. Zorro Vintage is relatively new to the neighborhood. It's well-curated and color-coordinated. The shop owner was very kind and we actually found something there for my 17-year-old little brother. Don't knock it, till you try it.

General Porpoise Donuts

This place is sweet and SO Seattle, I can't handle it. General Porpoise is the creation of James Beard-award-winner, Renne Erickson. I'm a big fan of other restaurants in her Sea Creatures group, some of which will be featured in other guides. I will say I'm not a big "filled" person, but the custards they pack inside are scrumptious.


I've only made it to Stateside for apps and cocktails but this chic aesthetic and sophisticated Vietnamese menu takes you away from the gray skies of the city - to some place else. My favorite vegetable is Bok Choy and that night I went away with a very satisfied stomach. Time to head back for a main course!

Foreign National

A mosaic disco ball and delicate cocktails await you at Foreign National. This speak-easy has no sign, but is right next door (to the right) of Stateside. I took my mom here before we went to a Stevie Knicks concert and she still can't quit talking about it Hate me for saying this, but the bathroom is way too instagrammable!

I think a Gothic-version of ABBA would be pleased with me.

Optimism Brewery

Beer? Wine? Beer - no question. Girlfriend likes her hops! Industrial and open, Optimism Brewery has so much space! There are board games and lots of opportunities for big groups. They have a back patio where food trucks can pull up or you can bring your own grub. Take your squad!

Bar Melusine

A minty-fresh dream of an interior, Bar Melusine gives me serious Wes Anderson vibes. Another homerun by Sea Creatures its inspired by cuisine on the French Atlantic coast. The menu can be a bit spendy, but if you're in a treat-yo-self mood you'll be just fine!

Molly Moon's

Get yourself a cone! Molly Moon's has become a Seattle staple. Favorites Scout Mint and Salted Caramel can be found at one of its many locations. Working alongside local farms and organically grown Washington goodies they offer seasonal variations. Each cone is stamped with the logo of a bright eyed-Boston Terrier and consuming your treat in a shop plastered in pastel - ice cream really does make you happy!

Other Spots Lauren Would Send You


  • The Unicorn (Wear the hat - you'll see)

  • Rumba (Tiki lovers you'll find rum galore)

  • Rhino Room (Dancing, but don't go too early)

  • Rhein Haus (For college-age peeps this is a great option - my dad likes it too)

  • Comet Tavern (Chill and retro)

  • Cha Cha Lounge (Mexican-kitsch I wish I had a photo of this place)


  • Starbucks Reserve Roastery (I'm the anti-Starbucks and I would send you here)

  • JuiceBox Cafe (Where charcoal actually tastes good )

  • Tallulah's (Healthy and heart food and giant cat portrait on the wall)

  • Kurt Farm Shop (Ice cream and fine cheeses)

  • Hello Robin (Molly Moon's ice cream inside cookies, Mackles'mores anyone?)


  • Totokaelo (If only I could afford it - just go inside and drool at the shoes)

  • 35th North (Skater gear and good art)

  • Retrofit (Funky home goodies)

  • NW Throwbacks (The Supersonics are alive and well - all Seattle sports, all vintage)

  • BAIT (OMG Yeezy's?! When new sneakers drop there's always a line around the block)

  • Likelihood (Making New Balance trendy)

'Tis the season for a little weird and wonderful. Hopefully this can suffice for at least three years of activities haha. If you have any suggestions for me on my next trip to Capitol Hill or help planning your trip comment below...



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