• Lauren Donovan

Going LIVE for Dummies

A field guide into "kind of" understanding it all

I was buying a pair of sunglasses when someone recognized me. They did not know my name and they weren't sure what station I worked for. Rather, they did know as one thing, "you're the poor girl who has to stand outside in the cold weather."

Yes that is me.

Well, sometimes. Iowans love their severe weather coverage - it can seriously be a life or death thing out here as I have come to learn, but it is not my only task. I've gone live after a tornado hit, working around water main breaks and fallen bricks - saddened and disturbed by what I'm reporting. I've given live updates while waiting outside a loading dock to catch a three second glimpse of rock-legend, Paul McCartney. Walking through a homicide scene, I have delivered a live account at the same spot, where just hours before a body was found. Fighting the stench of hogs, I've tried to talk to an anchor over the sounds of their ear-shattering squeals. Quite the mix.

Everyday is different and more often than not a challenge. I thought it would be fun to share how it works with you. Take a look:

I also want to add, I am just one year and a half into my first job out of journalism school and have SO much to learn. But that is the fun of it! The more live shots you do, the more comfortable you become.

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